June 18, 2011

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Does Your Website Help Them Choose You?

We’ve talked before about how important it is for your real estate business to have a unique value proposition or “UVP” - something that you do differently from all your competitors. Once you’ve identified what your UVP is, the next step is to make sure it’s spelled out somewhere on your website, so potential customers know why they should choose you.

Ideally, your UVP should be obvious to visitors soon after they’ve loaded up your homepage. A lot of real estate websites try to cover this base in their tagline, claiming to be the “best,” “most experienced,” or “most trusted” agency in their area underneath their logo. But the question is, do website visitors actually believe these claims?

A more effective way to highlight your UVP on your website is to spell out exactly what makes you stand out in a few short, specific sentences somewhere on your homepage. Take habitatproperty.com.au, for example. They do use a tagline - “sales with a social conscience” - but then go on to say exactly what their goals are and how their commission model is different.

An even better strategy in outlining your UVP would be to link to a testimonials page that shows how you’ve delivered on your promises. This way, visitors to your website can clearly see that it’s not just good marketing copy that makes you “the best agency” in the area, but that real people agree.

[Image: Matt Lehman]


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