December 26, 2010

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Online Tool Review:

Lately the online real estate sphere has been buzzing with excitement over, an online screen sharing tool. The concept sounds simple, but we think there are plenty of ways this tool could make real estate agents’ lives a lot easier.

In a nutshell:
“Get your people together, without actually getting them together,” is the way describes the way it works. This is a free tool for Windows and Mac computers that allows users to share whatever they have on their screen with anyone else. To share your screen you’ll need to download, but the people you’re sharing your screen with don’t need to download anything.

What stands out about, along with the fact that you can use it for free, is how easy it is to get started. And on top of the screen sharing option,’s free version also offers chat and file transfer functions. All in all, this seems like the perfect tool for real estate agents who need to work with other agents across different locations, or who want to talk potential clients through the online marketing options they can offer without having to meet up in person.

Finding a downside to a convenient and free tool like isn’t all that easy, but does point out one important thing: meetings don’t time out after a period of inactivity, so if you forget to close your meeting, the people you’ve shared your screen with could still see whatever it is that you start to do next.

If you’re already using to communicate with clients or colleagues, let us know how it works for you in our comments.


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  1. Greg Vincent says:

    I’ve used this tool quite a lot lately and I’ve found it really helpful…I agree with that it’s important to remember to switch off your screen sharing at the end.

    PLUS when doing any screen sharing it’s important to remember not to share sensitive/private information like client’s email addresses, etc (for better security it’s best to hit pause button on in between changing screens)

  2. Alice Allan says:

    Thanks for the tip Greg!

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