December 17, 2010

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Online Network Review: describes itself as a “community of entrepreneurs and small businesses dedicated to helping each other succeed.” The website is free to join and claims that it “isn’t another LinkedIn clone.” But is it somewhere real estate agents could find their next buyer or seller?

In a nutshell:
Under the banner “going it alone, together”, offers a directory of members, events, groups, articles, and a “biz talk” section that functions like a forum. Basic membership is free, while “pro” membership is $10 per month and “proVIP” costs $24 per month. These two paid subscriptions offer enhanced visibility and options such as unlimited messages and video profiles.

All’s offerings are divided up by city, so you can log on and search for members, events or groups in your local area only. A huge number of cities are covered from around the world, and some do include real estate agent directories. The website’s archive also includes plenty of searchable articles on everything from Facebook marketing to hiring employees.

While does cover a wide range of cities, its biggest networks are in the US, with some other locations having 20 members or less. And while there are real estate professionals to be found on, the fact that it isn’t specifically targeted at the real estate sector means some locations have no agents signed up at all.

That said, it won’t take long to check your city’s page and see whether there are any professionals signed up who you want to connect with. The website’s article database is also available to everyone, so you can search through these and pick up any useful hints and tips without having to sign up.


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