June 9, 2011

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Classified Ad Ventures Broadens its Horizons

propertyadguru.com publisher Classified Ad Ventures Pty Ltd today announced the launch of an expanded business offering to service the global real estate industry.

Leveraging the team’s extensive knowledge and experience working within the real estate category, the Classified Ad Ventures business provides digital marketing solutions and consulting services to portals, franchise groups and market leading real estate agents who are looking to stay ahead of the game in the highly competitive online market.

Classified Ad Ventures was founded in September 2008 by Simon Baker, best known for his eight years as CEO and Managing Director of the REA Group (www.realestate.com.au). During his time at the REA Group, Simon grew revenues from $4m in FY 2001 to $155m in FY 2008 and grew EBITDA from -$6m in FY 2001 to $37m in FY 2008. Most importantly, Simon delivered great returns for shareholders by increasing the market capitalisation from $8m in June 2001 to a high of $900m.

Baker has brought together a team of highly experienced professionals from his time at the REA Group across key specialties including business management, sales and marketing, web design and development, project management, and mergers and acquisitions. Their combined hundred-plus years of experience extends across both portals and agencies, in all major international markets including Europe, Asia, USA, Australia and New Zealand. No other team is better positioned to assist the industry in optimising its digital marketing mix to drive business success.

The team at Classified Ad Ventures includes Chris Vulovic, the former CIO of REA Group, Anthony Herman, former Head of Corporate Development in the EMEA region for the REA Group, Kelly Millar, former Consumer Marketing Manager for the REA Group, and John Hart, former Industry Marketing Manager for the REA Group, amongst others.

Simon Baker, CEO and founder of Classified Ad Ventures, today stated: “The incredible rate of innovation in the digital landscape presents opportunities for business never seen before, especially in the real estate sector. The significant shift of consumers from print to online for their real estate needs requires businesses to adapt their marketing strategies.

Whether you are a portal, franchise group, broker or agent, success is determined by creating value for your customers and ensuring you are competitive and clearly differentiated in the digital landscape. Our team’s track record in building a highly successful business for the REA Group gives you access to unmatched experience and insights into the category.”

Classified Ad Ventures’ current clients include some of the world’s major property portals, franchise groups, brokers and market leading agents.

Classified Ad Ventures’ online marketing services include business consulting, online marketing planning, website design and development, eMarketing, search marketing, editorial and video content, social media and display advertising.

More details about Classified Ad Ventures’ services can be found at classifiedadventures.com.


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