October 11, 2011

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Greenlight Reveals UK Visibility Shares

UK consulting firm Greenlight recently released a report that reveals the most visible property websites and advertisers in a Google search.

The report, which is based on Google searches from February 2010, show plenty of home hunters are looking for places to rent, with the term “for rent” accounting for 35 percent of all real estate-related searches during the month:

So where are these property hunters finding their listings? Greenlight also determined the best positioned and therefore most visible real estate websites, based on their volumes for each keyword and their respective ranking on page one of Google. Their top 10 most visible websites in a natural search are as follows:

1. primelocation.com
2. fish4.co.uk
3. rightmove.co.uk
4. findaproperty.com
5. zoopla.co.uk
6. torent.co.uk
7. yahoo.com
8. holiday-rentals.co.uk
9. leaders.co.uk
10. dreamvillarentals.com

“primelocation.com achieved 70 percent share of voice through ranking at position one for 23 of the 2,800 keywords analysed, including the most searched for term ‘For rent’, which accounted for 823,000 searches in February,” Greenlight says.

“Interestingly, rightmove.co.uk ranked at position one for 106 terms, yet it did not rank on page one at all for the keyword ‘For rent’,” the company adds. “Due to this it lost vital overall share of voice in natural search and attained position three in our league table.”

The top 10 websites in terms of visibility for generic lettings keywords were as follows:

1. primelocation.com
2. fish4.co.uk
3. torent.co.uk
4. holiday-rentals.co.uk
5. yahoo.com
6. leaders.co.uk
7. rightmove.co.uk
8. findaproperty.com
9. dreamvillarentals.com
10. ownersdirect.co.uk

It’s only when Greenlight ranks UK websites in terms of visibility for generic sales keywords that the list is more in line with the familiar ranking by unique visitor numbers:

1. rightmove.co.uk
2. findaproperty.com
3. primelocation.com
4. fish4.co.uk
5. zoopla.co.uk
6. home.co.uk
7. homesonsale.co.uk
8. globrix.com
9. whereismyproperty.com
10. mypropertyforsale.co.uk

Is visibility in Google searches important to you when choosing a property portal? Let us know your thoughts in our comments.


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