November 26, 2010

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TweetLister Goes Professional


The TweetLister website is currently down in preparation for a new release – TweetLister Professional. The new service will cost US$9.95 per month, however TweetLister will continue to offer its free basic service.

TweetLister is a Twitter based listing service that allows agents to:

  • Post and re-use as many listings as they want to Twitter;
  • Schedule each listing to post daily, or for a set period of time – until it sells, rents or leases;
  • View and download a list of all prospects on each listing.

According to TweetLister’s blog the new professional version will add almost one million property listings to the TweetLister system through a partnership with

TweetLister Professional will also allow users to instantly access all the MLS listings they have currently added to TweetLister, as long as their brokerage has subscribed to’s TweetLister channel.

Up to five text advertisements for professional partners can also be added to listing details pages, and agents can display their photo, bio and contact information along with listings on an dedicated agent page. Along with these options, TweetLister Professional will give users the ability to see how many people have viewed their listings.

“We plan to continue to add features that make TweetLister even more effective and user-friendly, and to make sure the product continues to reflect accepted standards and expectations in the realm of social media,” said TweetLister partner Lloyd Chrein.

We reported on the release of TweetLister in May this year, and followed its first round of upgrades in August.


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  1. Dirk Kooy says:

    Please let us know when you are ready to market? We like to give it a FREE trial. If the RESULTS are there we will registrer full time.

    Kind regards

    Dirk Kooy

    Sales Manager


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