November 27, 2010

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TweetLister to the Rescue


Who said was not meant for real estate?

Yesterday we told you about a new ebook that can set you on your way to understanding how Twitter can help you (Twitter for Real Estate Twits). And there’s simply hundreds of Twitter applications or tools you can use to make it all easier.

One of these,, claims to be “the only twitter tool for posting all types of property listings”. is completely free, designed specifically for real estate agents and brokers and allows you to harness the power of Twitter to list all types of property.

Agents can use to:

  • Post and re-use as many listings as you want - all day, every day - to
  • Schedule each listing to post daily, or for a set period of time - until it sells, rents or leases!
  • View and download a list of all prospects on each listing. Never miss a qualified lead!

Basically it will save you time and allow you to track your twitter listings.

Arnold Zafra from RotorBlog explains it best:

“Putting it simply, TweetLister is Twitter for real estate listings.If you’re a real estate broker or owner, TweetLister is a great service for you. It lets you create, post and manage all of your Twitter real estate listings in one account. The service allows you to track clicks on your listings as well as collect leads… It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional real estate agent or a simple real estate owner looking to find prospective buyers for your properties, you can use TweetLister.”

You use your Twitter username and password to sign into and you’ll be taken to your very own TweetLister Control Panel, where you can start posting and managing your listings right away.

Every TweetLister tweet links to a detail page, which includes all of your information, an optional photo of your property, a link to your website or your own property detail page, and a contact form that sends you the information by email.

So what are you waiting for? You can test it all out at, and even follow @tweetlister on

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  1. Lloyd Chrein says:

    Just wanted to let you know about a new version update at TweetLister, which features several enhancements:

    Enhanced Listing Details
    Every TweetLister tweet links to a detail page — and the NEWS is that we’ve just upgraded the detail pages to allow you to include more information about the property and even Profile information about yourself! Here’s how it works: whenever you create a new listing using our simple listing form, you automatically get a basic listing detail page. You can see this detail page by clicking on the link that is part of your listing “tweet”. You can then choose to add more listing details by clicking “Edit” next to your listing, and selecting “Add More Listing Details - NEW!!”. Here you will be able to add up to 4 additional photos (5 total), add a description and up to 10 custom listing features, add a map, mortgage calculator and other tools to your listing, a disclaimer, open house information, and more!

    Agent/Owner Profile Information and Dedicated Listings Pages
    Now you can add one or more Agent/Owner Profiles to your account, including a photo, contact information and brief bio for each Profile. When you enter a listing, you can now indicate which Profile to appear on the detail page. This is handy for real estate firms with multiple agents, who want to enter listings in one place and associate different listings with different agents. When users click on your Profile link at the bottom of your detail page, they will be able to see all of your Profile information along with all of your active TweetLister listings!

    Associate Multiple Twitter Accounts with one TweetLister Account
    You can now associate many Twitter accounts with your TweetLister account. When you enter a listing, you can now select which Twitter account to “tweet” to. You can now have specific Twitter accounts for different regions, or different types of properties, and tweet those listings on the appropriate account.

    New Search Features
    TweetLister’s Search Listings feature has always offered a more detailed and direct way to view quality real estate listing tweets. In response to the overwhelming response and usage of this feature, we have added valuable criteria to the search form - ensuring that you will receive even more specific and useful results. In addition to Listing Category and Type, Type of Property, you can now search by City or Neighborhood, State, Country, Keyword and Minimum and Maximum Price.

  2. Lloyd Chrein says:

    Hi - I wanted to point out a new service from TweetLister. It’s called Propertybot, and it allows you to: Get Targeted Real Estate Listings Sent to You on Twitter - Just by Sending a Direct Message.

    You can find Propertybot at

    The help page with all the commands is at:

    The news release is on our blog at:

    Hope you find this useful!

  3. Lloyd Chrein says:

    I wanted to point out a new service from TweetLister. It’s called Propertybot, and it allows you to: Get Targeted Real Estate Listings Sent to You on Twitter - Just by Sending a Direct Message. You can find it at

    The help page with all the commands is at

    Hope you find this useful!


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