October 11, 2011

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Top 10 Tips for Online Press

Whether you’re launching a new product, aiming to grow your client base or simply looking to increase brand awareness, generating media attention can be invaluable in making your venture a success.

Not only is media coverage a cost effective way to increase awareness of your brand, it’s a chance to position yourself as the property expert in your local area. But there are a few points you need to remember to make sure your message doesn’t get overlooked in the masses of press releases sent out every day.

Here are propertyadguru.com’s Top 10 Tips for generating online press.


1. Start your press release with a question, an intriguing quote, or a surprising statistic – something that gives people a reason to read beyond the headline. Make sure you cover your most important points first, remembering you have limited time to get your message across before readers lose interest.

2. Publish the release in a news section on your website that’s kept up to date. Optimise this section so search engines can latch on, and provide an RSS feed for updates.

3. Keep your “about us” section up to date as well, linking back to other recent releases where relevant.

4. An online press release can be a good option if you have some funds to put behind its distribution. To find out which press release service to use, try a Google News search on topic related to your release and see which brands appear first.

5. Once your press section and releases are up and running, contact local journalists with your news. Local coverage including your name and brand will help in positioning you as the go-to agent for the area.

6. Contact local websites that cover your area as well to discuss opportunities for syndication of your content.

7. Explain your news from the ground up. Not everyone will understand its context and some might puzzle over its importance.

8. Keep your tone professional, but avoid any overly formal language. Imagine what your copy would sound like if spoken aloud to a client.

9. Avoid buzz words as they generally undermine your message rather than enhance it. Readers will suspect a lack of genuine content.

10. Correct spelling and grammar is vital, of course, as is consistency throughout the document. Capitalisation as well as incorrect homonyms (there/their) can be particularly easy to miss. A second pair of eyes to look over your work is crucial before it goes online.

Of course, online promotion techniques such as blogging, social networking and video are all important when promoting your brand, but the occasional news story can also go a long way towards establishing yourself as an agent of choice.

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