October 11, 2011

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eRealInvestor’s Tools on Two More Websites


eRealInvestor Inc, a US based company that provides Internet based financial analysis software aimed at real estate investors, has partnered with two websites to offer users tools to evaluate the cash flow potential of a property.

eRealInvestor is incorporating its eRealAnalyzer tool into listings on nationalquicksale.com, a short sale facilitator, and bid4assets.com, an auction website that lists real estate along with other items.

According to eRealInvestor, the eRealAnalyzer tool works by combining up to date rental, tax and appraisal information with an intuitive interface to evaluate how a property may perform relative to various financial criteria.

“It is incumbent upon sellers who wish to differentiate and attract the highest selling price to entice buyers based on their cash flow generation potential and to provide the most compelling online resources,” said Mike Genstil, eRealInvestor’s founder and CEO. “eRealAnalyzer makes property evaluation engaging and instantaneous. It easily integrates directly with the auction listing so buyers can experiment and quickly evaluate a property’s full potential.”

Last month, eRealInvestor entered into two similar partnerships, providing its financial analysis tools to Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, a global network of real estate firms, as well as to RE/MAX North Central, allowing house hunters access to information such as monthly mortgage payments and the effects of lower down payments.

eRealInvestor’s other partners include foreclosure.com, Century 21 and the Wall Street Journal’s realestatejournal.com.


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