December 17, 2010

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UK Guild to Introduce Standards Charter


The UK based Guild of Professional Estate Agents will soon introduce a new standards charter for its members.

Guild chief executive officer Marcus Whewell is currently consulting with The Guild’s national advisory council to create a list of standards that will become prerequisites for members. Whewell is quoted in The Negotiator as saying:

“We have significantly raised the value of the brand, so we expect members to significantly raise their own standards. If I could mystery shop a member and after 20 minutes not know that they are members of The Guild, it is reasonable to say that there’s something not quite right there.”

The Guild, which also runs the portal, recently introduced “Guild Intelligence”, which allows members to track their share of the local market and other measures of performance.

The Negotiator reports two more developments at The Guild: a new-build division is soon to be launched, and members have also been advised to include information about commissions earned from services such as Home Information Packs, conveyancing and financial services in their terms and conditions.

The Guild also introduced a new software system for agents late last year called “Guild Connect”, which aims to introduce new income streams for members.

Meanwhile, is reporting that the proposed mandatory licensing scheme for all UK based letting and managing agents could cost agents approximately £120 per year. Responses to the government proposal are being accepted until 7 August 2009.


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