December 17, 2010

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TurnHere Focuses on Smaller Companies


We’ve discussed where to place video listings on the Internet before, but what about the video production side of the process?

One video production company now vying for the attention of smaller companies is TurnHere, owned by founder Brad Inman. It’s new affiliate program allows website publishers and local search websites to offer TurnHere’s video production service to their advertisers.

The company is also offering a US$400 reduction in the cost of its 60-second business profile videos until the end of June, which includes hosting for one year and distribution to major video portals.

TurnHere states that it uses a network of more than 8,000 filmmakers across 70 countries. In a press release, CEO Bud Rosenthal outlined his take on online video use and the affiliate program:

“In this economic climate, small businesses need ways to affordably reach customers looking for their services. The personal engagement created by video has proven to be very effective at driving new business to local vendors.

This new affiliate program is a seamless way for sites and publishers to offer high value video services to their clients, while creating a new revenue stream and compelling content for their users along the way.”


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