January 28, 2011

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What on Earth is Quora?

In the world of online social networking, people tend to keep an eye out for the Next Big Thing - the new social network that will somehow overtake the colossal popularity of Facebook and Twitter. Recently, Quora has moved to centre stage as the next social network to watch. The question is, should real estate agents be looking into it?

Just another Q&A Site?
When you first load up Quroa, the aim of the site isn’t immediately obvious. Describing itself as “a continually improving collection of questions and answers created, edited, and organised by everyone who uses it,” Quora sounds like it could be the next Yahoo! Answers or even something like Wikipedia.

On closer inspection, Quora reveals itself to be more like a search engine with a social twist. Users ask questions and contribute answers, as well as voting up answers they find useful. Users can also choose to “follow” a particular question and view the history of each thread, complete with the details of each person who has contributed.

Like Facebook, Quora encourages its contributors to use their real names and photos. “This helps anyone reading things they write to understand why they should believe what is written and take into account the author’s perspective,” the website explains. “For example, if Michael Jordan gives an answer to a question about basketball, that means something really different from someone who has never played the game giving an answer.”

So, should agents be signing up?
The fact that Quora is so new means that early agent adopters have the network almost to themselves. A search for “real estate” reveals a string of questions with just one answer, some with no answers at all, and a few agents jumping in to answer multiple questions.

The main downside to using the network would likely be the time it takes to answer questions, but that said, agents could easily re-use their answers as material for their next blog post. So as long as you have the time to provide answers, Quora has questions waiting for you.


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  1. Franco Feriando says:

    Hallo Alice,

    every day I´m wondering again, how it´s possible to find again and again new interesting subjects for the re agents business advancement. Thank´s a lot to all writer at PAG.

    Reffering to your interesting description of Quora, I´ve missed the information that an invitation is needed to participate with. Am I right or did I missunderstand something and could you be so kind and invite me, that I can appraise your articel right ;-)

    Thank´s again for the creativity to provide daily new motivations to increase agents perfomance!


  2. Alice Allan says:

    Hi Franco,

    Thanks for the feedback. I should have mentioned that there’s no need to get an invite to sign up for Quora - you can sign up via Facebook, Twitter or using your email address.

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