November 27, 2010

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One of the big debates surrounding the use of Twitter in real estate is whether listings should be broadcast through the social networking tool. Some argue that Twitter should be all about relationship building, while others say the occasional listing is perfectly ok to include. Still others are in favour of Twitter accounts that only tweet listings, maintaining they will only reach those who are truly interested. is a new US-based Twitter service that comes down firmly on the “listings only” side of the debate. The service was officially launched on 1 March, and according to a press release has already tweeted over 35,000 property listings in 40 major metropolitan areas. Most of these listings are said to be from national real estate companies like Coldwell Banker and Century 21.

So, how does work? The idea is that interested property hunters will follow one of’s accounts - TMH_Detroit, for example - to see new listings as they become available.

Large local, regional and national brokers can submit their agents’ real estate listings through an XML or RSS feed. Individual agents can submit their listings through Agentopolis, a national real estate agent directory, for a cost of US$47 per year.

For a service that only just launched, isn’t doing too badly in terms of gathering interest - most of its accounts seems to have between 50 and 100 followers so far. According to, accounts for 100 more cities will be added by the middle of the year.

What’s your opinion? Is a great concept, or an example of business encroaching on the social realm?


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