October 12, 2011

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A Portal in Pictures: houseofnothing.com


Imagine a portal that revolves around pictures, rather than words. Rather than typing in what you want, you browse a series of images. Unconvinced? Try checking out houseofnothing.com.

US based houseofnothing.com is a picture-based classifieds website with everything from second hand goods for sale to jobs and house sale listings.

On the homepage users are greeted with a patchwork of thumbnail images. Hover your mouse over each one and a small amount of descriptive info pops up. Clicking on the image takes you to a details page with more pics and a small amount of detail text. There is a simple search box as well as a “category directory” available if you don’t want what’s currently on show on the homepage.

recently reviewed the site, saying:

“A system like this makes it very easy to browse through listings efficiently. Besides, the minimalist design of the website only reinforces that fact, as there are no distractions to get in the way. And note that you can actually post items without signing up or creating an account. This will be particularly attractive to those who want no diversions and getting down to transacting without having to fill in endless forms and disclosing particulars.”

While it works well for the small number of listings currently on the website, it remains to be seen how it would function with hundreds of thousands of listings. But it is food for thought - as the saying goes, a picture tells a thousand words.


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