October 11, 2011

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Is Google Latitude Useful for Agents?


Google Latitude is the latest Google application to create a buzz in the real estate industry. Launched in February this year, the phone and computer application uses Google Maps to track your location as you move, and allows selected contacts to see this information. Just one week after its release, Google Latitude had over one million users signed up.

Peyman Aleagha, president of realtysoft.com, outlined the potential business opportunities the application presents for agents, suggesting it could be used to line up appointments with clients and business contacts on the run, or track the progress of an agent showing properties.

Joel Burslem also discussed the application on futureofrealestatemarketing.com, saying:

“This is where the potential for real estate search gets really interesting. Imagine the ability to get real time updates from your clients as they are conducting a home search. Alternatively, as a home buyer, you could location-tag properties with “search update” and view them all collectively once you return to your computer.”

Privacy concerns have also been discussed by many, including activerain.com blogger Wayne Golliday, who points out that Google Latitude allows you to hide your location, share your city level location only and block contacts.

At the other end of the spectrum, those who wish to make their locations even more visible can now use two new applications released for Google Latitude: “Google Talk location status” automatically updates Google Talk or Gmail chat with your location, and the “Google Public Location Badge” publishes your location on your blog or website.


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