What is SMO and Why Does it Matter?

Monthly Archives: May, 2010

What is SMO and Why Does it Matter?

“Social media optimisation” might sound like a strange concept, but you’re probably already implementing a number of SMO strategies without even realising.

Facebook’s Guide to Ads

A few weeks ago, we looked into Facebook Ads and found out exactly how to create one from the ground up. Now, Facebook has released its own guide to help people get the most out of its targeted ads.

Website Spotlight: Local Information Inspiration

In this week’s website spotlight we’re going to take a slight detour to the islands of Hawaii, where one website is making great use of local information.

Staying Relevant in the Online Age – Part Two

In part two of our series, industry commentators argue that agents need to focus on serving and engaging with their clients to stay relevant in the online age.

Agent Strategies: Hyper Local Blogging

Welcome to our new Agent Strategies series, where we get the inside word on how agents from across the globe are marketing themselves online.

Staying Relevant in the Online Age - Part One

When potential clients can access a vast range of market information and property listings online, and even buy and sell their own properties via the Internet if they choose, how do agents highlight their value?

The Positives of Negative Comments

While plenty of real estate professionals start a blog with the simple aim of generating more website traffic, many quickly find that the day to day realty of blogging is tougher than they first thought.

Easy Fixes for Video Listings

There are plenty of videos out there that could make even the most settled of home owners wonder whether they should consider moving. How do yours measure up?

It’s More Than Just An Ad On A Portal

Real estate clients’ expectations of online marketing are continuing to grow, so it’s vital that we give them access to a wide range of advertising options, particularly on property portals.

Tiny Market Share Isn’t Stopping Twitter Marketers

The latest US-based figures from Hitwise show Twitter is the fourth most popular online social network with a tiny market share of just over one percent.


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