June 9, 2011

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SureDocs Expands Service for Agents


a la mode, the US-based company behind the TourNarrator iPhone app for home tours, is expanding its “SureDocs” e-signature system to offer a version designed specifically for real estate agents.

New Facebook App from vFlyer


US online marketing service vFlyer has jumped on the Facebook bandwagon this week with the release of a new listings promotion application.

Marketing Habits Tough to Change


The results of a recent survey by globaledge.co.uk reveal some interesting disparities between the marketing channels agents see as effective and the channels they actually use.

The top five most effective marketing strategies were seen to be the following:

Website Designers Target UK Agents


If you’re a regular visitor to propertyadguru.com, chances are you understand the importance of a well designed website in enticing potential clients. You’re probably also aware of the many options available, from customised WordPress themes to single property website tools.

Now, a new UK-based website creation service has been launched with real estate agents specifically in mind.

Mobile Apps, Created by You


Mobile’s momentum continues to build this month with the release of another search application and a collection of new app creation options emerging for smaller players.

New Social Tool for Aussie Agents


With the importance of social media for real estate agents becoming clearer by the day, the team at Classified Ad Ventures (owner of propertyadguru.com) have come up with a new social tool to help Australian agents: SOBOX.

SOBOX aims to provide agents with “social media in a box”, taking any hassle associated with setting up and maintaining their social media presence out of the equation.

Business Logos Now on Google Maps


Over the past few months, it’s become clear that Google Maps isn’t just about directions. With the release of Place Pages, the Favourite Places program, and a set of tools aimed specifically at real estate agents, we now know Google Maps wants to become as important to businesses as it is to people figuring out how to get from A to B.

Print Media: Dead or Just Dying?


Is print dead? It’s a question marketers of all persuasions ask themselves from time to time, whether they believe in the power of the printed word or choose to funnel all their advertising dollars into online options.

Referrals Still the Top Strategy


After surveying 1,300 agents and brokers, US real estate marketing company HomeGain has found that referrals are seen to be the most effective marketing strategy to acquire new clients. The top 10 strategies list reveals an interesting mix of traditional and newer marketing options.

Are Social Networks Still Growing?

The value of social media for real estate agents has been a hot topic for some time now, and we’ve spent a lot of time considering how best to make tools like Facebook and Twitter work to generate business.

Today, we thought we’d take a step back and look at whether online social networks still have the momentum that has made them so crucial to agents around the world so far.