October 11, 2011

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Social Marketing Leading the Pack

Social media marketing platform Roost has released its first quarterly report, and says the results put social media far in front as the most effective marketing channel for small businesses.

“When asked what their most effective marketing channels were, 71.4 percent of small businesses polled by Roost reported ‘Social Marketing’ – more than four times more than the 15 percent who responded with traditional ‘Paid Search Marketing’,” Roost explains.

The full results are below, showing that while search engine marketing isn’t seen as particularly effective, small businesses are still keen to focus on SEO as well as their social channels:

“A full 87.3 percent believe social marketing is either ‘Somewhat Important’ or ‘Very Important’,” Roost adds. “Of the social networks local business tend to use most, 84.1 percent reported Facebook was the most effective for their business.”

The number one reason these respondents were so keen on social media? It saves them money. But while social media marketing is low-cost, it does present its own set of challenges. When asked what problems they had with social media, Roost’s respondents said measuring ROI, knowing what to post, and having the time to do so, were the top three problems:

If measuring ROI in social media marketing is your biggest concern too, we’ve got you covered: check out these two ways to track whether the time you spend on social media is actually paying off.


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