October 11, 2011

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What Else Should You be Posting on Facebook?

Last week we saw that Facebook had changed the game when it comes to running competitions via its platform, despite the fact that discounts and giveaways are one of the main reasons people connect with businesses via Facebook. So today, we’ll run through some other ideas for Facebook content that should keep your fans engaged.

News: Next time you’re browsing through a news website and come across a story that relates to your community, hit the “share” button and let your Facebook fans know about it. Ideally, you’ll add some of your own commentary to the story as you post the link.

Video: You can use the same strategy when browsing through YouTube, sharing any video you think would appeal to your Facebook community, along with your own take on it.

Online Resources: Have you come across something online that might help buyers or sellers in your area? Post a link to it, offering to answer any further questions people might have if they get in touch via email (another chance to capture leads).

Questions: Asking questions of your Facebook audience is a fantastic way to engage with them. In fact, Facebook has a specific “questions” option within its status update bar, complete with a poll option.

Promote other businesses: Don’t be afraid to mention good local businesses on your page, as this might be just the kind of information that sways home hunters to move to your area. Better still, connect with these businesses by hitting “like” on their Facebook pages, then post an update about them so you appear in their news feed.

Those are just a few ideas to start with, but we’re sure you’ll have more, so feel free to share them in our comments.


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