June 6, 2011

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Simple Single Property Websites with LokBoks

Have a listing you think deserves its own dedicated website, but don’t have the skills to create one? Then Lokboks - an online tool that promises you’ll have property tours published with just a few clicks - could be for you.

In a nutshell
With Lokboks, agents can create single property websites complete with a photo gallery, a Google Maps view, an in-built commenting capability, and the option to share each property Facebook and Twitter. Each website also includes a traffic report showing how many people have viewed it over time.

This is a perfect tool for agents who want to showcase a particular listing but don’t have a huge amount of technical knowledge to draw on, or don’t want to go to the trouble of creating a single property website from scratch. The pricing plans are also reasonable, with a free option available along with US$15, $25 and $35 per month options.

While LokBoks does create a “branded” URL for each website that includes the agent’s name, the question is whether a single property website at “lokboks.com/agentname” will attract enough traffic from people searching for houses in a particular area. Our hunch is that most of the traffic to these sites will have to come from people who the agent has contacted directly via Facebook, Twitter, or in a weekly email to prospects.

Have you ever used a single property website to promote one of your listings? Let us know how useful you found this approach in our comments.


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  1. Warren says:

    Hodges real estate have used single property websites for a couple of years now and have utilized them as a point of difference in the market. Any site using anything other than the address as the URL (no extensions etc) is a waste of time and confuses the public.

    One of the other key benefits has been the amazing SEO results with the sites remaining live for 12 months and sold properties ranking on page 2 and 3 in google searches for real estate in the suburbs we have offices. The back link benefits are substantial.

    I have noticed a number of real estate agents using single property websites from thehomepage.com.au. These sites have some additional features and are fully automated with the sites going live in a few minutes for the listing being pushed to the portals. No action required by the agent - as we know, any marketing edge that does not require additional work load is great for agents and administration staff.

    With companies such as Marshall White and Hocking Stuart utilizing this marketing strategy and Bob Bohlen mentioning at AREC 11 that he ensures all of his listings have their own individual property web site, I believe it’s only a matter of time that more and more agents will use this as an online and SEO marketing edge.

  2. Ian watson says:

    Please can you email me an example for me to see - [email protected]

  3. Alice Allan says:

    Hi Ian - I’d recommend checking out an example from their website here: http://lokboks.com/pages/tour

  4. Amanda says:

    Warren - you are so right about the domain name. Check out HomeWebsites.com.au as well. For the micro sites check out ListingsUnlimited.com

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