May 26, 2011

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Are Agents Giving Up on Social Media?

The results of a yearly survey by US real estate website reveal some surprising trends when it comes to the marketing strategies real estate agents are using. surveyed 700 agents to come up with its results, first asking which marketing strategies they found to be most effective. The results show referrals are still on top, with social media losing a few places in the ranking:

Social media and blogging also lost places when it came to the top marketing objectives for agents, while referrals remained at the top of the list:

“It comes as no surprise that real estate professionals once again noted that referrals are the most effective and most preferred form of marketing” said Louis Cammarosano, General Manager of HomeGain. “It is surprising, however, that social media and blogging as marketing strategies lost some favor with real estate professionals over the past year.”

The question is, do these results reflect a wider trend away from social media use across the real estate industry? We’ve definitely seen examples of blogging, Twitter use and Facebook marketing working for agents, but are these exceptions in an industry that’s tired of waiting to see a return on their social media investments? We’d love to get your take on these survey results, so share your thoughts in our comments.


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