October 11, 2011

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More Mobile Options with New Move App

It’s been a while in the making, but Move has finally released an iPhone version of its Top Producer 8i platform, giving US agents more marketing options while out on the road.

Even for agents outside the US, the features included in the new app are revealing - they show just how important Move thinks it is for agents to be in constant contact with potential clients. These features include:

- An information database that includes contacts, leads, activities and memos, as well as access to listings and closings information. All this can be updated without the use of a desktop computer, but agents can choose to synch their iPhone and desktop to keep their information in line.

- The option to text, call or email clients directly from the app itself.

- The ability to create “Market Snapshots” at the touch of a button. “The Market Snapshot feature can capture more leads by marketing directly to the specific needs and interests of the lead,” Move says.

Move is charging US$9.95 per month for the app, but the company argues this is a worthwhile investment for agents who are increasingly time-poor. “A majority of the day is spent on the road showing prospective buyers their dream homes,” the company says. “Without the ability to access a computer for hours, a Realtor is unable to update their database or respond to hot leads instantly or on-the-go.”

For agents everywhere, the message behind this new app is clear: quick response times to leads, along with relevant, up-to-date market information, are two major factors that make great agents stand out.


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