Baker Shares CAV Business Strategy

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Baker Shares CAV Business Strategy

Those interested in finding out more about Classified Ad Ventures - the online classifieds company founded by owner Simon Baker - can gain an insight from today’s article in The Australian.

In the article, Baker discusses everything from his time as CEO of to the creation of, the state of online businesses in Australia, and what he has learned from early mistakes.

Business Listings now in Street View

In another upgrade aimed at local business owners, Google has now added information about local businesses to Street View.

Twitter: The Ultimate Time-Waster?

What’s the defining factor that makes Twitter a valuable business tool rather than a waste of time? Successful Twitter users have these factors in common:

Vendor Reports: Why Are They Important?

Don’t be frightened of the statistics - use them to upsell new advertising options and manage your vendor’s expectations.

Blogging: When You’re Lost for Words

Anyone who’s ever started a blog knows that once the initial enthusiasm wears off, coming up with fresh ideas for posts can be a daily struggle. If you’re stuck staring at a blank screen, try these sources for a hit of inspiration:

Referral Programs that Actually Work

While it’s not particularly hard to implement a referral program, there are a few ways in which companies from any industry can slip up. So before you send that email, take a minute to ask yourself these questions.

Webby Nominees Want Your Votes

The annual Webby Awards are on again and this year’s real estate nominees are hungry for your votes to land them the coveted People’s Voice award.

Big Changes Underway at Facebook

At f8, Facebook’s conference for developers and entrepreneurs held yesterday, founder Mark Zuckerburg had plenty to reveal about the future of his social network, which is about to hit 500 million visitors per month.

SureDocs Expands Service for Agents

a la mode, the US-based company behind the TourNarrator iPhone app for home tours, is expanding its “SureDocs” e-signature system to offer a version designed specifically for real estate agents.

Which Portal is Right for You?

Trying to get the best return on your investment along with maximum coverage is tricky. How do you make the right choice and not waste your marketing dollars?


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