October 9, 2011

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realtown.com Reaches 150,000 Users


realtown.com, a US online community that aims to cover all things real estate, has now passed the 150,000 registered users mark. Its current total is 153,858 members, which puts it slightly short of activerain.com’s total of 168,099 members.

realtown.com says its members include a mix of real estate agents, brokers, associations, service providers, real estate media, consumers and others.

John Reilly, CEO and publisher of realtown.com, had this to say about the future of the website:

“We’ve been working hard on a few large projects which we will be rolling out in the next few months. After building the agent infrastructure, we are shifting our efforts on bringing in consumers.

We’ll help out the consumer by giving them free, localised, information and advice. This means more interaction between the agent and the consumer, providing our members with the opportunity to build social capital. And, as a result, members will be more likely to get leads and referrals through realtown.com.”

realtown.com says its development dates back to 1995. Its features include an “ask the expert” section, a marketing and lead generation tools shop, and articles on the real estate business. Its members can also join various networking groups and communities to discuss professional concerns.


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