May 11, 2011

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Adding to a string of recent updates aimed at agent websites, US real estate marketplace has released two new options focused on mortgages.

The first upgrades’s mortgage rate widgets, which display recent rates computed from quotes borrowers receive from lenders, making them state specific:
zillowmortgagerateswidget explains that these widgets display mortgage rates in “near real time” by using the 1.3 million quotes submitted to its Mortgage Marketplace each month.

For those agents using WordPress to run their websites,’s new mortgage centre plugin could be a useful addition, as it displays real-time mortgage rates along with a monthly payment calculator, closing cost estimates from real estate closing services website, and articles and blog posts on mortgages.

This is not the only recent partnership for the website says it is about to integrate its good-faith estimates tool, SmartGFE, into Calyx Software’s Point application, which provides loan marketing, pre-qualification, origination and processing services to mortgage professionals.


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