November 26, 2010

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Sperry Van Ness Plans to Go Social

US commercial real estate brokerage firm Sperry Van Ness has announced plans for a 100 percent adoption rate of social media by the second quarter of 2010.

In a recent state of the company address, CEO Kevin Maggiacomo explained the reason for the plan:

“The reason for the mandate is simple…every segment of our clientele has embraced social media, and our competitors are all but invisible making this a tremendous opportunity.”

Maggiacomo did not give details on the company’s social media strategy, but went on to say:

“Most of my peers find any number of excuses to avoid blogging and tweeting, but when I saw our clients were rapidly adopting social media as a valid communications channel, I felt it was incumbent for me to join in the dialogue. Bottom line…our clients want unfettered access to their advisors across multiple mediums and we’re going to give them exactly what they’re asking for.”

Sperry Van Ness states it is the only brokerage firm that markets all properties to a brokerage and investment community of 100,000 members, and ranks itself as the 12th largest commercial real estate brokerage firm in the world.


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