December 17, 2010

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Portal Runs Social Media Seminars


Australian property portal has picked up on the growing use of Web 2.0 technologies in real estate by running social media seminars for clients and associates.

The Perth based portal runs the seminars together with new media consultant, Peter Fletcher. The company says a Social Media Bootcamp conducted a few weeks ago was sold out with a hundred participants attending each session.

“We had so many requests for a more in depth tutorial on Facebook and Twitter that we ran two sessions on Facebook last week and have a Twitter seminar scheduled for July 23,” said Peter Fletcher.’s Managing Director, Charlie Gunningham, said:

“Many people see social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter as just for Gen Ys and Gen Xs but there are more people over the age of 40 in Perth on Facebook than under the age of 18. The growth of traffic to these sites is phenomenal and if properly managed can be a boon for business.”

The tutorial sessions are conducted in the UWA’s brand new Business School computer labs where each participant has access to a computer under the guidance of Peter and Charlie.

“Whether we like it or not the power of the Internet juggernaut just keeps rolling and I believe businesses ignore social media at their peril”, Charlie continued. “And you know what? Getting started and having a positive business presence on these sites is really not that hard.” is one of the few independently-owned and managed real estate portals in Australia and has clients in WA as well as Victoria. The company also runs a site in Bali,, and a boating site,

Alongside these websites the company provides high level web design services (fully customised web development, sales admin & CRM systems), courses/talks and print/design services.


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