November 27, 2010

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Create Your Own Real Estate Shows


Another player has emerged in the growing online video for real estate market: Real Estate Shows allows agents to create their own internet commercials using digital photos.

The US-based company allows users to subscribe for $125 and create unlimited shows for one year. Users can create 30, 60 or 90 second videos which are hosted on with links supplied to embed them into their website or marketing material.

The company says that any decent digital camera will produce photos good enough to create excellent shows at, but advises that a wide angle lens and good lighting will provide the best results.

Real Estate Shows claims their site is so easy to use that it only takes 5 minutes to create a video.

A product review by Inman News confirmed this, giving the site a rating for ease of 92, value 93, and power 87 (on scale of zero to 100 - 100 is best).

Inman News says that while the product was not unique, it had many benefits including being scaleable and of use to a sole practitioner or larger office. Taking an average of the reviewers’ ratings, Real Estate Shows scored the highest (93) for value, a measure of how helpful the product is for real estate professionals and consumers alike, and the overall cost vs. benefits of the product.

Real Estate Shows are currently offering a 14 day trial of the service.

They offer creative suggestions on ways agents can use videos including:

  • Make A “Just Moved ” Show For Your Buyer Clients
  • Showcase Homes You’ve Sold
  • Become A Category Expert
  • Market Yourself As A Neighborhood Expert
  • Sell The Common Areas Of Communities
  • Commemorate A Special Event
  • Highlight Local Attractions
  • Better Service Long Distance Buyers
  • Prospecting “For Sale By Owners”
  • Promote Your Accomplishments

Read more about the growing field of online real estate video in’s article A Closer Look: Using Online Video.


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  1. Paul says:

    RealEstateShows is NOT a new video product. It’s not even a video product. It’s just a zooming slideshow program which takes (usually bad) MLS photos and randomly zooms in and out for no reason whatsoever. And it’s set to music. The biggest selling point - it’s cheap, so it appeals to most realtor who want to spend no money to correctly market their property.

  2. Tom Jelen says:

    Virtual tour photography is indeed making an impact on the Internet in sales presentations.
    Real-estate, Retail sales, Commercial Businesses, Insurance agencies, Trade Shows, Rental property, Travel and Hotels, Golf Courses, Parks and Recreational Facilities just to name a few are using immersive virtual tours. Show your residence, company or product with a 360 eye catching interactive, immersive view, you will save time and money by showing your home, company or product 24hours, 7 days a week on the World Wide Web.
    Give your customers a ‘hands on’ immediate approach and let them become interactive with your Product.
    Real-estate Virtual Tours, Photographic Virtual Brochures, Photo-graphics, Web sites, Web Help.


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