November 27, 2010

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US real estate marketplace is looking for locals to help update their data on neighbourhood boundaries. A recent post on the blog calls for contributions to the data that may be more accurate than what is currently available. business development specialist Drew Meyers writes:

“We’re looking for any feedback we can get, whether we currently have neighbourhood boundaries in your city or not. If we don’t currently have neighbourhoods in your city, we’d love to add them if we find a good source for that data.”

According to, the data covers more than 7000 neighbourhoods across 150 US cities. It is shared under a Creative Commons license to allow people to contribute to and use the data for their own projects.

As we discussed earlier this year, the neighbourhood data could be used to agents’ advantage. For example, it could be used to create heat maps showing property prices along with other comparisons of data across neighbourhood areas.

The data is already being used by various websites including, rent comparison service, teaching directory, and New York based real estate marketplace


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