to Create Augmented Reality to Create Augmented Reality

fundalogo, the leading property portal in the Netherlands, will reportedly be partnering with Dutch mobile phone company SPRXmobile to be part of their new “augmented reality” mobile application.

SPRXmobile is behind Layar, described as the “world’s first mobile augmented reality browser”. Put simply, Layar uses a phone’s camera, GPS and compass to show information about the buildings on the screen.

This information is sorted into layers – one for places to go out (using data provided by social network Hyves), available jobs (from temp agency Tempo team), nearby ATMs (from ING Bank), healthcare providers (from health insurer and real estate, using data from According to the Layar website,’s data layer will be added in early July.

A video demonstration of the application describes its functions in detail:

The application is currently only available on mobiles that use the Google Andriod operating system in the Netherlands. However, a press release from Layar states:

“SPRXmobile is planning further roll-outs, together with local partners, in Germany, the UK and the United States this year. SPRXmobile will continue with regular releases of new layers after each local launch. The Layar application will be available via the Android Market. Other handsets and operating systems are in development with a prime focus on the iPhone 3G S.”

Raimo van der Klein, co-founder of SPRXmobile, adds:

“Eventually, the physical and the virtual worlds will become one. Many visions on Augmented Reality have already been developed, but we are proud to be able to bring this one step closer to reality.”

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