December 17, 2010

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Eurolink Bids for Business


UK based company Eurolink Software is offering agents £2,000 to switch to using its products.

Eurolink, a software and web design company for property agents, wants agencies currently using Vebra or Reapit technology to change to its Veco line.

Founding director Nigel Poole explained the offer on the company’s website:

“Eurolink users will testify that our systems already offer significant advantages over others on the market and allow them to make long-term savings – but we wanted to give an immediate benefit as well and that is why we are offering £2000 cash for agencies to switch.”

Eurolink’s “scrappage allowance” comes after the launch of Vebra’s “VebraLive” software, which agents can use to access their data from anywhere.

The other company targeted by the Eurolink allowance, Reapit, currently lists 34 UK agencies as clients, and claims to offer “unprecedented levels of customisation” in its software.

In April this year, Eurolink began offering social networking functions as part of its web design packages. The £2,000 allowance is available until 31 October, 2009.


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  1. Mike says:

    £2000 is more than the Eurolink software is worth
    Smart marketing or desperate measure - you decide !

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